Do we need a Greta Thunberg to turn towards healthcare?

In the “healthcare space” consisting of provider, physicians, scientists, engineers, industry, regulators, government and international institutions we find an extraordinary high concentration of the brightest minds according to their school grades. But do they apply their capabilities in a way, that we stay healthy, recover effectively and drive innovation in a direction to enable individual, systemic health?

Many of them have recognized that the approaches we use today are not leading to better health. After decades of R&D we know that our thought and discipline specific models need to be revised, that we need a new openess:

  • from genomics to systomics?
  • from evidenced based to long-term individual based?
  • from disease management to health management?

What hinders them to stand up for change to be initiated, to shape a brighter future with their know-how, now?

Many are aware of the hidden rules and networks which potentially even created the flood of chronic, non – communicable diseases, now spending billions in trying to identify the genetics for it. But at the moment it looks like that this approach might scientifically not succeed. If we review the contribution of hightech healthcare to overall health a weak picture results. It might become even worse:

  • too many specialists and experts?
  • mainstream, and rare diseases in focus, but what about rarer diseases with diffuse symptom spectra?
  • overwhelmed GPs unable to integrate experts‘ findings for in -time diagnostics?

The new hype (hope?) is now on big data and machine learning which too many mix up with artificial INTELLIGENCE suggesting abilities which are still far away – if they will ever come. Why? Maybe they wish to trust again and think technology cannot lie? Or fail? Or fool?

  • But does the data quality and comparability allow big data solutions?
  • Do the publications‘ quality and breadth allow building useful algorithms from the users persepctive?
  • Do the scientific models allow at all personalization, prevention and participation as part of the 4P medicine marketing hype?
  • Are we prepared to handle prediction?

The ROI on money spent in R&D in industry and research institutions in relation to the health outcome generated is disappointing and no other area beside the military one could or would afford it, as it is not sustainable; but it contributes to the GDP through the extraordinary well paid jobs. The focus and way we spend citizens‘ money even hinders innovation and social progress.

What else do we need to tackle the issues which many of the insiders see much clearer than few outsiders. These issues represent a major risk for the established industrial – political – healthcare complex.

Even worse is the brain power wasted by the brightest minds driven into a direction which consumes far too much money and awareness without progress instead reinforcing mistrust at all levels – experts and common citizen – further increasing cost. This brain power and money is missing to improve education, training, connecting insights and understanding at all levels urgently needed for overall wellbeing and responsibility in an out-of-date democracy which needs an update. Instead we are forced by our disease management approach to invest into jobs with low income “caring”, where we are missing the people, creating the need to hire them from abroad increasing cost further. These jobs will not enable to sustain the high social transfer and “disease management cost” we are used to. And  we would probably not need them in such quantities if we would concentrate on enabling health with appropriate frameworks and research focus instead of managing diseases.

HEALTH is an individual and social ASSET! Not a cost.

HEALTH is a civic duty, too and demands new, appropriate approaches and support by the goverment.

When do we start to act accordingly and build the framework for it? We have the insights and technology to start now!  Shouldn’t we start our new the 7th Kondratieff cycle instead of following the 6th in accordance with the picture drawn by Nefiodow – first create damage and disaster and then repair it at much higher cost – as we do and did with the climate issues?

Do we want to wait on a 16 year old adolescent to tell us what to do – a Greta for healthcare? It would be a shame for the brightest minds.

Therefore I suggest to build a Health Ecosystem “MiHEALTH4ALL” which will enable the individual to understand, act and take responsibility.

MiHEALTH4All –  by citizen for citizen  – will enable the individual to manage personal health, recover better and will also lead to deeper insights for experts to strategically guide R&D and to manage these diseases, which will need expert capabilities further on.

MiHEALTH4All will use technology to re-integrate experts‘ know how, structure complexity and will make it accessible.  It will offer opportunities for new business models which could truly be named health management on the continuum from health to disease and finally death.

MiHEALTH4ALL will create and balance roles and responsibilitis in way to foster and update „old“ democracies offering an alternative to Xi Jinping and others. Do you join the concept? Do you join us?

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